Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Anyone else had enough of Heather Mills?

Over the past couple of days the finalised details of the Mills-McCartney divorce have been filtering through. It would appear that Heather Mills is set to get around £25 million as her divorce settlement this works out at roughly £750 an hour for the course of her whole marriage. Now I am used to celebrities and 'celebrities' divorcing and getting stupidly high sums of money but what makes this more irritating than the rest in my view is that she's COMPLAINING!

The first of her complains is that she didn't receive the full £125 million she asked for, by Jove! I fail to see why she felt that that much was necessary was living with Paul McCartney really that bloody traumatic?!?!

The second complains come about the amount her daughter Bea will get. The current figure is £35,000 a year on top of nanny and school fees. Firstly Why the hell does the girl need a nanny?!?! The woman has just earned enough to set her up for life three times over! Furthermore this coming from a woman who already has 2-3 million in the bank! I would like to point out that the amount her daughter is getting is more than most people earn in a year!

The third complaint is about how the media is always making her out to be a villain. Well I'm sorry love but you've done this yourself. You're perfectly happy to have the media taking pictures of you when you are succeeding but not when you're not. Sorry it doesn't work like that! Throwing water over your ex-husband's lawyer really isn't going to improve your image!

Prior to marrying Paul few people knew who she was or if they did it was as 'that one legged model'. Now she's simply famous for being the angry gold digging bint who married a former Beatle, worth £400 mill, not really much of a step up in my view. £400 mill which by the way love he EARNED, I know this may sound like a strange idea but people can get money in other ways than through divorce or sponging off other.

I bet Paul is regretting the day he ever set eyes on this one and is missing deceased wife Linda more than ever. Paul my sympathies are with you. All I hope for is that the next time I pick up a paper she won't be in it complaining about something we no longer care about.


Corporal G said...

Hear hear. Don't even get me started on this vile woman. I can think of only one other woman on this planet more evil, we all know who...

Just to point out, Sir Paul is officially worth at least £825m, not £400m, though he's been 'worth £825m' for the last ten years.

Given that he's released several albums since then and signed a deal with Starbucks, I'd be willing to say he's in the billionaire club. The nice thing to know is that this case has hurt neither his pocket nor his credibility.

Believe me, you didn't see the live footage outside the court just after the ruling. We nearly didn't have a TV...

Laura-Rose said...

Ah I read that she claimed that he was worth this much but i didn't know if it was fact or not.

Yeah I think had I been there we probs wouldn't have had a coffee table either.

I agree it is nice to see that after all of this he is still beloved by the public and everyone can see what she is really like.