Thursday, 27 March 2008

And then life got weirder...

Ok I was back in London for the day to visit the SSEES Library to change library books, having written my Bulgakov Essay it was now Tolstoy's turn for my attention. Anyway on one of my numerous tube trips I got my hands on a copy of the Metro where I found this:

"That's one way to get a lift from a trucker
A Dominatrix mannequin has whipped up a storm of protest in a village. The life-size model, with whip, handcuffs and bare buttocks, has been tied to a 'reduce speed now' sign and aims to entice motorists into a crime museum. Parish councillor Bernie Giles admitted the lady- nicknamed Miss Whiplash- had caused a stir but said "She is not very inviting and I do not think it is very necessary." Parish council vice-chairman Julie Wozencroft added: 'it does not portray a very good image of our village.' However, Andy Jones- owner of the Littledean Jail Museum in Littledean, Gloucestershire- said the model tied in with his 200-year-old building, which was once a house of correction. 'She is also a traffic-calming measure and helps slow people down,' he said."

I don't doubt it slows people down I'd be pretty shocked too if I drove past a sign in Gloucestershire and saw a Dominatrix tied up to it. Personally I found it quite amusing and it's nice to see that people in my county have a sense of humour. But then this is coming from the girl who has 'Life's better under a Conservative' posters up in her front window.

To read the Gloucestershire Echoe's take on it click ECHO.

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