Friday, 8 February 2008

What a week

The proverb 'Never put all your eggs in one basket' is probably the best way to sum up this week. Monday was well Monday and was pretty good despite the fact I had loads of lectures etc Tuesday was however where it all went badly wrong. Literally.

As per usual on Tuesday I had lectures from 10-5 so had all my Uni notes with me for Russian, Czech, Slovak, Russian Lit and Bulgakov, this was then followed by a albeit quick pancake party at Colin and Patrick's where I showed them that you really can have pancake made with soya products and have them taste good. Then we had Port and Policy at UCL (You can read my review of it HERE) Then we went on to Potion sadly for me this is where it all went badly wrong. I left my bag under our table with friends while I ran to the loo, return and it had gone.

My next reaction was to look manically for it and had Colin and Olivia help me. As I had only been in about three places in the bar it didn't take that long. But no it was long gone. At this point I then just had hysterics on Colin while he called the police and council. We had a quick scout round the area in case someone had dropped it but it was so good and we returned to Potion where I then sort of dissolved again on Iain and tried to explain what had happened something like 'my *sob* bag...Uni notes *sob* keys *sob sob* bank failled year..parents...want boris....*sob*' Well you get the idea. It was then I was like 'oo'er better call my parents' which I did ( again more crying)

After calming down slightly and getting over the shock that I had literally lost everything it was time to be semi sensible eg calling the bank to cancel cards, the Police, London home to say had lost keys etc

More mad phone calls to the police and council in case one of their street sweepers found my stuff. I had long given up any hope of having my cards, MP3 Player etc returned but my Uni notes. I mean they are totally useless to anyone but me. And my copy of Anna Karenina that I've had since I was about 13 and my make up and hair brush. All things that only mean anything to me or someone else doing my degree! i then went round with Colin replacing some of my stuff eg make up, hair brush, Anna Karenina, UCL ID Card (pictured right) etc The worst part was that I had the money to replace everything I just couldn't get access to it!

I also went to see my personal tutor and explained what had happened, she said the best thing to do was to tell all my lectures of the subjects affected and copy up notes from my friends. I then went on a hunt for my Czech teacher, found him, explained, then he told me off for not crying on him, was like 'you're mad, you are actually mad but I'm glad you're not shouting at me' ^_^

What was also really good was that my mum had contacted my vicar back home and he had sent out a church wide email asking people to pray for me. This was really comforting to know that there were people around who cared. it also helped that people might be sending up slightly more precise prayers than 'Oh God please do NOT let my lecturers kill me' .

Returned to Carr street at about 8am as Graham had managed to track down a locksmith to change our locks and I needed to be in as the Paul and Graham had lectures where as I didn't til later. This guy didnt show so was back to the yellow pages madly calling up to get quotes. The real problem was that I only had a certain amount of cash in which to pay them, no cards nothing so it wasn't just trying to find someone cheap it was trying to find someone that I could actually pay. After finding one company who could come and was about £3 more than I had I decided it was time to raid my small change jar and see exactly how much was in there in 2p and 1p coins. I had literally emptied the jar out and was counting the pennies when the building company who fixed our boiler said they could come out today and were £15 cheaper than anyone else. Was so so happy by this small miracle.

This mircale was then followed by a few phone calls to my mum to tell her this when she told me to call my granny. We try and avoid telling my granny things that might worry her eg like me having all my stuff nicked or my mum burning her arm etc but somehow she always knows so mum had told her what had happened to me but mum suggested it would be a good idea to tell her myself that I was safe and well. So I did. After much 'aw blessing and poor you' from my granny she then offered to cover some of the costs, this really was too good to be true, the best bit was then her going off on a rant about inheritance tax and the tax man stealing her money. I love my granny ^_^ (Pictured left during the war at about the same age as me)

I then had to inform my various lectuerers in order to get all my ntoes back I literally lost 2/3 of my degree notes for this year. They were all really good about it and were like 'come see me at X and I will give you replacements'

The locksmiths arrived earlier than they said which was brilliant as I also needed to get keys cut for my house mates and land lady. Colin and I then walked down to the lovely little man in the DIY store on Ben Johnson road. After three attempted we had all the sets of keys we needed.

Am now sat in my kitchen eating Nesquik, which I technically shouldn't be doing as I gave up chocolate and swearig while I cook for lent, and waiting for some of my stuff to be special delivery sent to me. I tried to get cards and ID stuff forwarded here but the bank refused and were like it can only go to the address on your account. RBS are useless but that's another rant!

The things I have learnt from this are that when going out never put all your important stuff in one place, luckily my phone and oyster card where in my coat so that was all ok. Also it is essential in life to have good friends who will help you in any situation even if its just letting you cry on their shoulder when life gets too hard to handle. Finally that good things always come out of bad things and it's these that you need to focus on more than the bad. For example once my card arrives I get to go shopping for new glasses, bag, stationary etc ^_^

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Damon Lord said...

Crikey. Hope everything is straightened out soon! Take care.