Saturday, 2 February 2008

Surprise Supplies

My Univsersity Conservative Society launched its Social Action project 'Surprise Supplies' a while back and my friend Hannah and I are in charge of collecting the donations and creating the boxes (All donations welcome!). The basic idea is that you make up a shoe box containing about £10 worth of stuff and it then gets sent for free to a soldier in Iraq or Afganistan. Boxes should contain things like food like cakes, biscuits, sauces, fruit, nuts, chewing gum, Jelly Babies, Suduko books and magazines – Nuts, Zoo and FHM I have reliably informed are the most popularand other random things like candles (for illumination, not scent), lip salve, moisturiser, medicated talc, deodorant, toothpaste and cotton socks.

Surprise Supplies came about because of an idea Lexi Douglas had whilst her son was serving in Afghanistan in 2007. She regularly sent him parcels stuffed full of cakes and other nice things and when Charlie wrote home he said how appreciated they were but that not all of the boys received parcels from home so he would share his out with them. Lexi told her friends and they volunteered to send parcels and the idea grew from there.

To me this seems like a fantastic idea and a very simple way to encourage a soldier and thank them for serving abroad and defending our freedom and country.

NB If you have any shoe boxes or donations please send them my way or I'll simply HAVE to go shoe shopping just to get some boxes :P

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