Thursday, 21 February 2008

Surprise Supplies, again

The first selection of boxes have been sent out!

After I spend an hour or so last Friday in Sainsbury's buying random things like packets of tissues, toothpaste, tooth brushes, fish paste, packets of soup and ZOO! Magazine then spent Saturday night trying to madly to tessellate everything into the boxes, weigh the boxes, wrapping them then sticking the labels on all while watching Bruce Almighty its all over for now.

Today I finally got round to going to the Post Office to deliver them. There was a small argument between me and the post master, he was adamant that I was paying for them and I was equally as adamant that I was not and that Royal Mail was. I personally am not a huge fan of Royal Mail for many reasons including the fact that our local sorting office opens our post if they feel like it or that Royal Mail instead of helping Post Masters etc feel it is easier just to give them some money and tell them to close, so the chance to charge something to them was one I was not going to miss! After I filled in a few forms stating the contents of the boxes etc then they were put in the bags to be delivered to 'a soldier'.

It's quite amazing to think that something that I and UCL ConSoc have done is going out to someone in another country and while we may never know the soldier who gets our box or their reaction to it, we can but hope that they will be pleased and can be safe in the knowledge that we have done something, albeit small, to help our fellow man and support our countrymen who are out fighting to protect our country and defend the freedom we all so enjoy.

If you would like to make a donation to the Surprise Supplies Campaign then drop me a line. If you have any shoe boxes you would like to send my way also drop me a line! (

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