Saturday, 16 February 2008

Reading week

Ok it has been far to long since I last wrote a post, this is basically because I have been on reading week. The general idea being that Uni give us a week off in which is read the relevant books for next term, write essays and the like. In actual fact this week is used to sleep, socialise and in some cases flee the country for a bit. I did all three, oh and some work to (the last 2 days of it :P) Thursday I really socialised (hey it was Valentine's day I wasn't going to work for all of that!) and Tuesday I fled the country to Paris (for the day)

This was absolutely fantastic and I would advice anyone to go there. It's a beautiful city with something for everyone. Being your typical English tourist I went to all the touristy bits. The day started at 3am when Colin and I had to get up to catch the 5:25am Eurostar, when we booked this we had forgotten that the metro would not be working and we'd have to bus it, and worse still they would be NIGHT BUSES!!! Argh! Anyone who has ever taken a London Night bus will know what I mean. The last time I took one it was 4:30am and the guy next to me smelled very strongly of alcohol, weed and BO. Enough said. But anyway we got the Eurostar over; I fell asleep and woke to see the sun rising over the outskirts of Paris.

First thing was buying our 'Visit Paris' metro tickets, we had to queue for ages as the French felt that one ticket desk for an entire Eurostar of people was sufficient. Then it was off to Montmartre, it was beautiful and just as I had remembered it and just how it looks in the film Amelie ^_^ While there we visited the Sacre Coeur and even got asked a questionnaire by some very friendly school girls.

The lunch beneath the Eiffel Tower, then up it sadly we didn't make it to the very top as I had a vertigo fit on the second floor and didn't much fancy going any higher. On the first floor there was an exhibition to raise awareness of Global Warming. This was basically an ice bar and ice Eiffel tower power by three generators. Veryy Eco-friendly.

This was swiftly followed by a trip to the Arc de Troimphe, a stroll along the Champs Elyse then on to Notre Dames where we met some very friendly policemen who were unusually happy to take our picture and some street artists who decided to whistle and yell 'Bonjour chaton' at me.

After this we raised a few cafes and I was surprised to find that I could still speak French well enough to order drinks and then a full meal at one restaurant. Where we were served by an over happy and pushy waitress. Then there was just enough time to buy some 'sirop' before getting back to England. After we had spent 10 minutes going through British Immigration. Nice to see that they are doing such a good and strict job.

Sadly this mini adventure was then followed the next day by a call from my mother telling me that the bastard who had nicked my bag had used my cards to try and buy stuff online. Luckily no money had left my account but it meant I then had to make numerous calls to the bank who seemed a little too happy to be sorting this out (must have been a slow day) and London Met who effectively told me 'there was nothing they could do and that a bag is stolen in London roughly every 2 minutes'. My reaction was to say well if that's the case why are you not out policing the streets trying to prevent this but decided this was pointless and would achieve nothing.

The week then trailed off with me madly trying to do all my language work and essays in 3 days (not a smart plan, time management seems to be an issue here) sorting Surprise Supplies and calling my father who celebrates his 64th birthday! Big Happy Birthday to him! Sadly too this almost making it 7 days until I stop being a teenager! ARGH! Must do one stupid/crazy teenage thing this week in honour of it!

Now sadly it's back to work

NB There are pictures for this post but they wouldn't load!

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