Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm 20! ARGH!

Saturday saw me turn 20, a slightly scaring experience as I am now no longer a teenager :( I jokingly said to Nick once that once I was 20 I would be sensible and no longer eat ice cream factory ice cream with bubblegum sauce and marshmallows, this was in fact a lie and I have now adjusted that to be 30 not 20 :P

Anyway, I set my alarm for 7:18am about 2 minutes before I was actually born just so I could be awake at the exact moment I hit 20. I then went back to sleep, it was FAR too early to be awake on my birthday. I was then awoken by a knock on my door. I thought it was my housemate Graham coming to say happy birthday before he went to work but it was in fact my mummy and brother who had come up to see my as a surprise. It then got better when I went down stairs to see a pile of presents, cards and best yet champagne and orange juice and everything you need to make a bloody good fry up! :P

I then spent the day shopping for shoes, opening presents and spending time with my family before heading off to meet some of my friends for birthday drinks. So far being 20 has been quite cool and nothing much has really changed. I don't feel any older in fact I have probably got even less mature for example Build-a-bear sent me a free bear voucher valid Friday-Sunday and I am now uber excited by that and can't focus on revising for my translation test tomorrow.

Damn deciding to blog and go on Facebook was definitely a mistake. The cat says it all:
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