Saturday, 2 February 2008

From Russia with Love

Earlier today I went to the Royal Academy of Arts with my friend Ed to see the 'From Russia' exhibition. It was absolutely amazing! 9 rooms full of different pictures from major galleries from Russia including The State Hermitage Museum, The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, the State Tretyakov museum and the State Russian Museum in Moscow and Petersberg (Two cities I plan to live in next year :D) There were a wide range of artists from Repin (pictured left), Cezanna, Monet, Manet and Kandinsky. I liked the first two rooms best as they were kinda traditional 'pretty' pictures of Russian women, landscapes etc then it got slightly more surreal as we continued round until we got to the 'Play station' exhibtion. Three pictures of 'Black Square', 'Black triangle' and 'Black circle' as Ed remarked 'all that's missing is 'black cross'' :P I don't think I need give more detail about how these pictures look, enough has been said in the title.

I think my favourite picture would have to be Kandinsky's 'Composition vii' I stared at it for a while and at first I was like 'What the bloody hell is that?!?!?! Some 5 year old has thrown paint on a canvass!' but it steadily grew on me and when you look at it close up you can see the fine detail and it's beautiful.

Continuing with the theme of 'non' art the second most amusing picture was entitled 'Materials' basically it was 4/5 different types of wood nailled to a canvass. Ed and I recked you could buy though from B n Q for about £20. I was tempted to do this, make a copy then sell it on Ebay just to see how much I'd get. Not much was my thinking.

For more information or book tickets (which I would do queuing is utterly pointless) click Russia

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