Monday, 28 January 2008

Why I hate First Great Western

OK, Sunday was the hustings in Bristol, brilliant event in my view but then I am biased. Wonderful people, Lovely city, massive political debate, shite trip home. Got to Temple Meads and it was cold got on the train was FREEZING! Two of the carriages were broken so I had to sit on the floor in between the door and the toilet with Colin, Ed (pictured left. I think his look says it all) and David for 3 hours. People stepping over me and a freezing cold draft from the gap between the two carriages. You could see our breathe every time we spoke! Honestly. Plus there was no one to vent my anger at as all the staff had buggered off into their little cabin at the front where they broad cast their 'apologies' over broken speakers while sat in the warm on soft plushie chairs no doubt. The only good bit of the journey was leaving the train. The most worrying was finding a print out of all the faults with the train, which included a 'major fuel leak from carriage B' and 'Windscreen needs changing next service.' Plus the buffet car shut just before Reading so was no way of even warming up by buying a stupidly over priced cup of tea or hot chocolate.

First and LAST time I will be using your Service First Great Western! Now to write my complaints letter to your head office! If you're going to run a service do it properly or just don't bother. Communists.


Nick said...

I suspect your letter will be one of many. The service provided by "Worst Late Western" is awful. One wonders exactly what commitments they had to sign up to when winning the franchise. The contract certainly wan't tight enough.

While I understand those who like to blame the flaws on the principle of rail privatisation, which was handled poorly and didn't offer the normal benefits to the consumer that privatisation, one shouldn't ignore that in Japan they have privately run comfortable trains that run to the minute if not the second.

First Great Western hold passengers to ransom with high fares, extortionate when it comes to traveling to London and Reading, and provide a shocking service.

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I recognise a few Bristolian names among the list as we too suffer from FGW.

John Lawrence Aspden said...

I miss British Rail. Until I was about 25 I used to actively enjoy taking the train.