Friday, 18 January 2008

Ken Livingstone drinks two bottles of wine....a week

It was this headline that attracted my attention most last time I had a copy of the London Paper rambed into me by one of their distributers. My first reaction was :O! Oh my Gosh! Two bottles a week that's awful! What a binge drinker! The I realised that that works out to about 1-2 glasses a day, which isn't that much. Plus on few occasions with fellow students we have been known to drink a bottle of wine each in one night.

Also in the article Ken claimed 'I suspect I most probably drink about half of what I did when I was an MP, a couple of bottles of wine a week in totally-I'd like to drink a lot more.' Wouldn't we all Ken wouldn't we all, sadly not all of us living in London can afford to buy alcohol since you raised the price of student travel cards, again. Price freezing of tube tickets? That would be nice but I don't hold out much hope that this will ever happen with this lying socialist bastard.

The above comments from Ken were made after a Dispatches team have made a program about Ken's drinking while at receptions and at work. This story comes while the Conservative Party Candidate Boris Johnson has given up alcohol for the duration of his campaign. A feat almost unheard of from a Tory. Well Done Boris, commiserations Ken.

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