Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I'm in love :)

Don't worry this is not going to be a post where I sit and ramble on about 'some guy' with 'pretty eyes' and how I am madly in love with him and we 'like so should be together' ^_- I am in fact in love but with a Russian author he's called Bulgakov ^_^

Any of you who have talked to me about Russian literature will have no doubt heard me go on and on about him. This week at Uni I started my course unit just studying his works - Utter bliss. So this post is devoted to Mikhail Bulgakov, what can I say he is my Master and Margarita :P

Михаил Афанасьевич Булгаков or Mikhail Afansyevitch Bulgakov:
Was born in Kiev, which was then under Russian rule which made him Russian and not Ukrainian, he started off working as a Doctor and served in the White army (the non Commie one :D). His experiences in the army as a doctor greatly influenced his works. In his life he had two wives and despite the fact that Joseph Stalin was huge fan of his he struggled his whole literary career with censorship. For example he wrote Master and Margarita in 1928 but it was not published until 1966. It got so bad that he found it impossible to write and wrote to Stalin asking to leave Russia, oddly enough it never came to volition once Stalin personally telephoned him asking why excetly he wanted to leave. During his period as a doctor he was also a morphine addict and used to take it from work with him. All of his works contain huge religious imagery as his father was a professor of Theology but also have a phantastical element to them as his step-father was a humanist

In his literary career he wrote plays, novels and short stories including 'The Fatal eggs', 'Heart of a Dog', 'Days of the Turbins', 'The White Guard', 'Morphine' and (my personal favourite) Master and Margarita to name but a few.

So there we go a short post about Bulgarkov, if you're lacking a good read pick anything by him (They are ALL available on!) I would recomend The Fatal Eggs as a short read, Heart of a Dog if you're into the surreal and Master and Margarita if you want a proper novel.

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