Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year (blogging temporarly suspended)

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May it be a year filled with joy and success! May your endeavours be successful and rewarding and your days happy and merry!

On a totally different blogging will be suspended til about January 7th. Tomorrow I am half moving back to London (get to drive through central London oh yeah! :D) also it finally hit me how much work I have to do and that the deadline for it all is January 7th.

Before then I must:
-Write my Literature essay
-Read Anna Karenina
-Read Master and Margarita
-Read The white guard
-Read my huge book on the plays of Bulgarkov
-Write a Czech essay
-Do a Czech translation
-Do a tonne of Czech language exercises
-Do Russian oral prep
-Do EXTRA language work (some how think watching Borat in Russian won't count :()
-Read and translate The Bronze Horseman by Pushkin.
-Learn how to function without sleep

So basically I will only be surfacing to check my emails. NB facebooking me will be basically useless!

In the mean time here's a link to QI on You Tube. Man I love Steve Fry, so wish he wasn't gay oh well! Enjoy here