Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cheltenham Campaign day

On Saturday I was back in Cheltenham to take part in our January Campaign day. Despite the off and on rain loads of local Conservatives including a few councillors and CFers were out in different areas with our PPC Mark Coote. In between sessions we retreated to base camp to drink tea, eat pizza and danish pastries and have a glance at a copy of the Daily Mail. After campaigning I went to the pub with a few of the other campaigners to have a drink with Mark. This was good as I managed to catch up with some of my Cheltenham friends.

The hi-light of the day was when I was walking down one street and was wished a 'good morning' by a lovely older gentleman and was then helped in campaigning by a local girl who could not have been more than 7. She saw me coming and came up and asked me what I was doing, so I told her that I was delivering leaflets and gave her one to look at. Next thing I knew she was helping me fold and deliver them! Has raised my belief in people. Not often in London I get wished a good day or helped out by a stranger.


Colin Moore said...

Where's the "Choose Coote" T-Shirt?

Laura-Rose said...

The pub was too hot for me to keep it on! Sorry!