Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cf Hustings @ Bristol

As I advertised earlier this week, the CF National hustings are coming to Bristol and while I have most definitely made my mind up about who I will be voting for as National Chairman *cough* Michael Rock *cough* (pictured with him at Conference right->) I have yet to fully make my mind up about the other six for the NME.

The three National Chairman Candidates are:
Daryl Williams, Matthew Richardson and Michael Rock.

The NME Candidates are:
Karen Allen (FT), Anastasia Beaumont-Bott, Anne-Marie Bray (FT), Craig Cox (FT), Adele Douglas (FT), Charlie Groome (FT), Matt Lewis Christian May (FT),Owen Meredith, Harry Rowe and Patrick Sullivan.
The (FT) denotes 'Forward Together' the basic idea being if Matthew Richardson wins these people will be his sort of 'super' committee that he has personally chosen.

So far I have made my mind up about three of the candidates for my NME choices based on previously meeting them or hearing good reports from other people whose opinions I hold in high regard. However this may all change at the hustings.

If you visit then you can vote for the candidates that you would vote for in the real CF elections. There is not much time to do this as the poll will be taken down once the Hustings have happened. Once you vote you get to see who the most popular candidates are. The results so far are very interesting!

Hope to see you in Bristol in a few days time!

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