Monday, 14 January 2008

Britain is rowing with Russian, again

While scanning through The Mail online I found this article about how the row with Russian is getting worse. The debate continues over the supposedly 'illegal' British consulates in St. Petersberg and Yekaterinburg. The Russian government says that the two buildings are illegal according to the Vienna Agreement while Britain is saying that they are essential outposts of British culture in these two areas. This stems from the incidents last year surrounding the poisoning of Russian Spy Livenyenko (who ended up in UCH ^_^) on British soil. We deported a few Russian diplomats, so they deported a few British ones etc Thus it continues, in the mean time the Russian DUMA has said that unless Britain co-operates they will not allow any new employees to enter Russia legally. Each time I read an article like this I steadily get more worried as I will be visiting the country in the near future and don't want to be out there if the new cold war kicks off.


Corporal G said...

You do if they film it in high-definition and there's popcorn to hand.

Damon Lord said...

I bet this is the first time you've ever felt sorry for Kinnock, eh?