Saturday, 12 January 2008

Boris vs Ken

For those of you living in London you would have been able to see the debate between Brian Paddick, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson. Each candidate made an opening speech about why we should vote for them, then answered questions from the other candidates, then the audience. Boris, as per usual, was on form. Answering every question with detailed answers event when the Lib Dems decided to drag up the past and asked him a question about Guby and that scandal from the 90s (some people clearly can't move on). Paddick played the 'I was a police man' card while Ken basically had the attitude 'look what I've done the last two terms, don't like it don't vote for me' Which got a bit boring. The debate got so lively at times that Konnie Huq who was chairing had to break it up. Nice to see Boris back on form and to watch the three candidates debate head to head.


Corporal G said...

I got to watch Boris Johnson give putdowns to Ken Livingstone and got to look at Konnie Huq occasionally.

And they say the license fee isn't worth paying.

Laura-Rose said...

Whilst I got to sit watching the debate and drowling over Boris. Oh not to mention the fact that I was sat enjoying a fine glass of port with a fantastic housemate.

Life is good ^_^