Thursday, 27 December 2007

Warning: Shopping in the Sales could be harmful to your health

I always knew that shopping during the sales was dangerous but seriously I never thought it would be this bad! According to a report three women collapsed and others were injured at one branch of Next. One woman collapsed outside before even entering the store the other a few hours in after some intensive shopping. Later that same day one of the shop assistants fainted and a woman injured her hand all in the same store. The Ambulance services have since issued shopping advice that will stop you from harming your health. Advice one- wear warm clothes while queuing to prevent hypothermia, advice two- try to eat and drink before going shopping to prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated and becoming hungry.

Not quite sure which is worse fighting other women while shopping or being given health advice about how to shop by the NHS! Fighting against a mad crowd of bargain hunting crazed women compared with more Nanny State rubbish. Women have been shopping since the dawn of time and it's only this year they have to issue health warnings! I think it's offical shopping is dangerous!

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