Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Wanted: Personal Supervisor

Some people have PA I wanted a Personal Supervisor. basically someone who can poke me or tell me when I am about to make a mistake or do something utterly stupid. Take for example today was at my relatives house and was offered cheesecake, despite being lactose intolerant I ate it anyway. Needless to say am now dying in bed with Boris snoring surprisingly loudly for a cat at my feet and worst of all I agreed to work from 7am tomorrow. Seriously if anyone wants to tell me when I'm about to make a mistake or do something stupid please tell me! Granted it'll make my life less random and interesting but am sick (quite literally) of making silly mistakes and doing idiotic things!


Nick said...

Oh dear :-(. Hope you are feeling better today.

Damon Lord said...

Get well soon!

Laura-Rose said...

Yeah dw am fine am sat drinking gin as we speak :P