Thursday, 20 December 2007

Russian Idioms

In Translation Class we had to look at some Russian idioms and jokes about life under communism, a few are still funny when translated into English so decided to put them up. The Russian is first then the English. Enjoy!

Comment on the past Soviet Leaders:
Ленин показал, как можно управлять. Сталин показал, как нужно управлять. Хрущевь показал, что всякий дурак может управлять. Врежнев показал, что не всякий дурак может управлять.

Lenin showed us how one can rule. Stalin showed us how one needs to rule. Krushev showed us that any fool can rule. Breshnev showed us that not any fool can rule.

The change in attitude to Lenin:
Экскурсовода в аду спросили:
-Почему Гитлер стоит в дерьме по шею, а Сталин - лишь по пояс?
-Потому что Сталин влез на плечи Ленина.

A tour guide in hell was asked:
-Why is Hitler up to his neck in muck but Stalin only up to his waist?
-Because Stalin climbed onto the shoulders of Lenin.

Comment on the food situation:
-Что было раньше - яйцо или курица?
-Раньше было все!

Which came first- the chicken or the egg?
Earlier there was everything!

Joke about the two leading Russian papers 'Pravda' and 'Izvestiya' (Truth and news):
-Какая разницй между "Правдой" и "Известниями"?
-В "Правде" нет известий, и в "Известиях" нет правды

What is the difference between 'Pravda' and 'Izvestiya'?
In 'Pravda' there is no news and in 'Izvestiya' there is no truth.

Public opinion on the news and much people really believed it:
-От чего больше пользы- от газет или от радио?
-Конечно, от газет. В газет можно завернуть селедку!

Which is more use the radio or the news papers?
The news paper of course! You can wrap your herring up in it!

There were in fact 6 pages worth of these but sadly for most of them you need to be able to speak Russian. If you're really egor then I can sit and teach you them and explain them in full.

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