Wednesday, 5 December 2007

My brother Ben

While I am procrastinating from my work and watching past episodes of QI and playing Scrabble on Facebook I had my brother say he was jealous of Boris Nikolaiovitch being on my blog and not him. So Ben this post is dedicated to you!

I would officially like to introduce you to my little brother Benjamin Robin Teague Saunders, 17 year old Student and professional techy. Being two years four months my junior it is very hard for me to remember a point at which he wasn't in my life for which I am very glad. AS children we had many great adventures and times playing in our garden, in the house and with our various cats. While he is now slightly too old for me to dress in doll clothes and carry around the house (he now carries me around the house!) we still spend loads of time together playing video games, watching American Dad and Futurama episodes on his lap top or generally being Right Wing nutters together.

Ben is currently studying for his A-levels at St. Edward's Cheltenham and in his spare time is learning to drive. He's a very good driver and has driven me to different places all over Cheltenham. Sometimes he drives me absolutely insane but at the end of the day he is my little brother and I love him to pieces and miss him lots when I am at Uni in London. So there we go Ben hope you liked the post :)

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