Friday, 28 December 2007

The McCanns are in the press.... again

I'm sorry to now add to their media hype but the McCanns are in my paper again today! The only difference from any other day is that they are on page 51 rather than the front page. It seems to me that every single thing they do it gets published or glorified. One article I read was about how Jerry is now able to visit his local pub. Seriously I really don't care!

I find myself asking why this missing child has gotten so much press. Lots of children go missing and their stories appear on the news but 6 months later we hear nothing more about them unless they are found.

I'd like to say now that I feel for them really it is horrible to lose a child and I would like nothing more than to see Maddie turn up alive and well, I am just pissed that everyday I hear something about the family with a small paragraph at the end about Maddie and how she is still missing.

The thing the papers seem to gloss over is the fact that two Doctors left their three children alone in their flat in a foreign country while they had a meal out with friends. Describe this situation to anyone and they would be shocked by it. Furthermore any other parent in the UK would have been prosecuted for this! Instead they seem to be getting millions of pounds worth of donations and as much publicity as Amy Winehouse in the London Lite! Plus it has emerged recently that Maddie was an IVF baby, seriously why would you go through all that to have her to then put her in daycare during the day of the holiday then leave her alone at night! What I'd like to know is what exactly they have spent the money on apart from a World Wide Search and an audience with his holiness the Pope. Seriously enough is enough!

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