Saturday, 29 December 2007

I wish I was a Cat

I wish I were a cat, no joke. I have spent the best part of today working on my Russian Literature essay about Crime and Punishment. In the same time that it has taken me to re-read the book, read a few secondary sources, read the Wikipedia article on it (for humour purposes not for actual help of course) and hi light pages with postits my cat Boris has stretched twice, snored multiple times, sat on my knee, purred, snored again, fallen asleep on my library books, sniffed my Christmas presents which are in a neat pile on my floor and meowed at me numerous times to ask me why I am being boring and not paying attention to him. (To the right is a picture of Boris sleeping in the sun in our garden)

Further to this it is considered cute when he snores, comes home dirty and with leaves in his fur, has a big fluffy tummy and a hairy face. My mother tells me off when I behave ina similar way to this! Oh he also sleeps for about 22 1/2 hours a day! Only waking to a have quick stroll around the garden, eat and drink. I want a life like this!

Although he got in trouble earlier, one of our drains blocked, while cleaning it out my brother discovered that it was leaves and two semi eaten mice that were blocking it! I would like to know how he put them down there! Clearly he's far cleverer than I thought.

Right enough wishing the I could be a cat is back to my essay. Do NOT expect postings in the next few days I have another 2960 words to write, Yay! -_-

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