Friday, 7 December 2007

Giver her a break

Is it just me or is anyone else fed up about reading about Amy Winehouse? Don't get me wrong I like her music and everything I am just getting fed up of constantly hearing about how she is failling! Everyone has problems, some more than others, but seriously let her deal with her's in private! Her husband is in prison, she's addicted to crack and is an alcoholic, she's just moved to Bow as it's too painful for her to live in her old flat in Camden, not to mention the fact she has had her mum publically declare that she is glad Amy's husband is in prison! Sound to me like she has got enough on her plate without constantly being slated by the press and the public. Amy go to rehab, public leave her alone!

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Corporal G said...

I don't dispute that Amy Winehouse, when she's got it together, is a talented performer.

However, I am dead set against the fact she is still being allowed to make public appearances and come in to contact with fans, some of them young girls such as one she was recently photographed with in a paper whilst retaining a line of cocaine in her right nostril.

I for one wouldn't be comfortable if my impressionable 14-year-old sister were allowed to be in her presence.

This sends the message that the reckless, deadly and illegal lifestyle she is currently pursuing is the route to fame and fortune. It is not. I think it wholly incorrect that she has recently received awards, as these exacerbate the image.

She is fast becoming a female version of Pete Doherty. In Doherty's case, I know of few men who aspire to be him, whereas I know plenty of young women who aspire to be stick-thin and famous like Amy Winehouse. This is wrong.

Besides, in Doherty's case, he's made some progress, however little, and the media spotlight largely ignores him these days as he's nothing new.

I think the media spotlight is focussed in a wholly incorrect manner in this instance. I agree with you in that she needs to go to rehab, properly, and sort herself out. The media does need to leave her alone in this regard as the whole thing has become a circus, and the Winehouse family should be embarrassed.

I'd quite like the media to point out the harm that cocaine does both to the nations in which it is used and those from which it originates. The shred of respect I possess for Daniella Westbrook is due to the fact that she allowed a photo of herself missing her septum (the division at the bottom of the nose between the nostrils) to be publicised as a warning against cocaine use.

It's not so much that people should be giving Amy Winehouse a break; her husband's a crook whether you like it or not, and if you ask me, he sounds like one to avoid.

It's more the case though that she really needs to be told she has to sort herself out and that she cannot live this way any longer. Her label won't drop her because bad news is good news in this sick world.

What we need is a realistic presentation of what's going vastly wrong here. Stop her royalties and contract money and I'm sure that would wake her up quick-sharp to the errors of her ways.