Monday, 24 December 2007

Dear Voter, Merry Christmas we lost your Medical records Love Labour x

I think the title says it all really. The Government has now lost hundreds of thousands of NHS records, that now make it financial details, driving records and health records but despite all this they still want to make a national database of every one's health details, which will be more secure than online banking. My already diminished faith in Labour has now more or less evaporated. If it were not for the fact that I need things like a bank account, drivers licence and medical care I would retract all my details from any system that Labour might be in control of to avoid more of my details being lost. Sadly this would only leave me able to live in a tent in the middle of Bodmin Moore or the depths of the Forest of Dean. Not that those two places would not be nice to live in but I quite like my house in London and am rather attached to living in Cheltenham.

Feels quite ironic that they have campaigns telling us not to give out our personal details online or to talk to strangers etc but then lose our details. It would probably be safer for me to go give my name, age, height, bank details and life history to a total stranger on the tube than to trust Labour with it! So Merry Christmas from Labour we've lost more of your details! Enjoy your present! Can't help thinking I'd rather they'd just give me a book voucher or a pair of socks.

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