Sunday, 23 December 2007

Cheburashka ^_^

Any of you who have ever asked me why I study Russian might have had the reply 'Cheburashka', which is not me having some sort of Russian fit but is in fact the name of a very cute little money-bear type creature. It is an animated series of films for children that was made in the 1980s before I was born. Sadly the clip I have attached does not have English subtitles ^_- the original version I found on Youtube did have subtitles but that has since disappeared. Anyhoo Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here I'd love to give you a full translation of what they both say but sadly my Russian isn't that good. Instead I will give you a brief plot synopsis. (In advance I appologise if anything below is incorrect it is based on my knowledge of Russian and I am still learning)

It is Krokodil Gena's birthday and he is stood outside his house singing about how it's his birthday and how it only comes once a year. The Post man arrives with Cheburashka to give him his birthday present- a helicopter, while unwrapping it a group of 'Pioneery' march past and Cheburashka looks longingly at them. While playing with the helicopter it takes off with Cheburashka attached to it, all is ok as he lands safely and unharmed. He has landed next to the Pioneery he was just watching and asks Gena to ask them if they can join. Gena does but is told by them that they can not join as they are not 'the best of the best', as they haven't any experience in building bird houses and do not know how to march etc. We then watch Cheburashka practise marching while Gena plays his harmonica, trying to build bird houses and other pioneer type things. The camera then shows a group of Russian children playing by a power station and falling out of window etc They complain about how they have no where to play so Gena disappears and then reappears with a pneumatic drill and some building supplies and builds them a playground. The pioneers come and try to help but it's too late as Gena has already built it. We then get to watch Cheburashka practise marching again while Gena plays. A policeman comes to enquire as to where the drill has gone but decides that it's perfectly ok that a big crocodile has walked off with it in order to build a playground for some children that he doesn't know and lets it slide (Clearly not a member of the Labour party then :P). Cheburashka and Gena then see a sign saying that the Pioneers are collecting scrap metal, Gena knows a place where there is lots of scrap metal (the habour). Gena dives into the habour and collects a few abonded bits of metal and the anchor off some guys boat! After walking off with these things they deliver them to the Pioners and they in fact have collected the most metal thus becoming 'the best of the best' so the Pioneers allow them to join them. The clip then ends with them all marching off into the distance.

A bit odd and serreal but I like it. There are three more episodes that explain how Cheburashka was found etc but they have disappeared from Youtube unfortunately. Anyway Enjoy the clips! More will follow as and when i find them.

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