Thursday, 13 December 2007

Campaigning in Hereford

I haven't blogged in a good few days and to stop Nick from sending me messages telling me to write posts I shall write a few today. Although I have more work than ever it is the end of term I have one lecture in about 4 hours time and then that's it freedom for three weeks. Anyway the reason for the lack of posts is that I have been jetting off all over the country. Last weekend saw me in 6 different towns/cities, 3 different houses and God alone knows how many counties. The point of the weekend to take part in the Jesse Norman Campaign in Herefordshire. Jesse is one of our lovely Patrons here at CF Bristol and Gloucestershire, he came and spoke to us so some of us went to campaign with him.

I travelled back from London(city 1) to Cheltenham (2 and house 1) on the Thursday so that I could see my family and go to work in Stroud (3) but arranged to meet the other CFers from UCL at Gloucester (4) Station where we then went on to Hereford(5). We arrived just in time to have lunch with Jesse at a local pub before heading off into the storm to collect signatures for his campaign to stop local post offices from shutting. Knocking on people's front doors and opening with 'HI I am here on behalf of Jesse Norman the Conservative PPC for Hereford..' gets mixed reactions some go 'Oh I love that Jesse Noram *swoon*' or 'Tories! Oh god no! I'm a Liberal *slams door*' or 'I am still thinking about my political afflication' this last one basically means there is no chance I'll vote for you but I'm too nice to say so.

Anyway after an afternoon of this and getting frozen to the core (I ran off with Nick's Cardiff Blues hat) we went to another local pub to warm up before we had dinner at a local India restaurant. It was lovely to be warm after hours in the freezing cold! The India was swiftly followed by more drinks then some 'clubbing' in a local club. This was a very interesting experience, everyone in there seemed to be either 12 or 40+ but seemed to think that it was acceptable to dress and behave like a 16 year old. One hi-light being on the dance floor and watching two 40 year olds get very friendly while two 50 year olds stood laughing at them. Once this had become boring we retired, some to Jesse's others of us to the Lovely Richard's in Pencoyd (village 6 house number 2).

Sunday started with being mugged by his two dogs who looked small until one of them jumped up and seemed to be about the same size as me. Am not usually a huge dog fan combination of being attacked when I was little and of nearly losing my fingers to dogs in letter boxes but his two dogs were very very cute. After a full English it was back to Hereford for more campaigning. During this I found a couple of lovely little Tory old ladies and a lovely Tory old man all of who were only to happy to reminisce about their days as 'Young Conservatives'.

When all of this was done it was drive back to Gloucester and Cheltenham listening to Take That, Fall Out Boy, The Fratellis, Snow Patrol and The Kieser Chiefs. I then had to speed back before dashing down to catch my coach and return to London (house number 3).

A huge Thank you to Richard for letting me crash at his house and to Jesse for the drinks and food. Good Luck Jesse come the next elections I honestly hope you will be Jesse Norman MP!

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Nick said...

well, that is politer than Charlotte was about my reminder she hadn't blogged for a while:

It is quite a famous hat, has been on the Politics Show and in the Bristol Evening Post! C'mon Blues!