Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Calamity Clegg wins Lib Dem leadership race

That's right folks he's done it, 40 year old Nick Clegg has beaten Chris Huhne to become the next Lib Dem leader becoming the party's third leader in the past two years. Clegg, an ex-journalist and former Euro MP, won 20,988 votes to the 20,477 votes cast for Huhne by members of the Lib Dem Party.

After winning Clegg was quoted as saying
"I want the Liberal Democrats to be the future of politics, because Liberal Democrats have the courage to imagine a better society." While his oponiont Huhn was heard to be more philosophical about the situation: "I have been around the course long enough that I know what the rules of the game are - you win some you lose some, it was a close-run thing."

Congratulations to Clegg, I hope you last longer than the two previous leaders.


Corporal G said...

That sound you can hear on the very periphery of your hearing is a classic Lib Dem scandal heading this way. I just couldn't tell you what.

Corporal G said...
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Corporal G said...

Wait! Maybe you can do something with this:

Clegg 'does not believe in God'

Laura-Rose said...

Lol! Darn right it is! They are worse for it than we are!