Sunday, 16 December 2007

5 days of term, 4 christmas parties, 3 hours sleep, 2 mad journeys and a 15 hours shift

The above would basically be a summary of the past week for me. Five days of this Winter term at UCL, which contained the usual thrills and spills that doing a Russian and Czech degree can give you.

This week from the Uni perspective:
Monday- Czech speaking, Russian Poetry catch up session, Translation and Russian Aural.
Tuesday- Russian Oral- presentations on New technology (basically me going off on one in Russian about the internet and facebook), Russian literature, then 3.5 hours of Czech Language and Slovak (not as bad as it sounds as we ate Czech food and chocolates)
Wednesday- Russian cinema for 3 hours then Russian writing- I know have a nice 9 page sheet of Russian grammar to do 'for fun' over the holidays. ^_-
Thursday- Russian poetry (yep still can't analyse the poems to save my life) Also raided the SSEES Library for books on Crime and Punishment- I have a lovely 3000 words essay to write on Crime and Punishment am secretly hoping I can make it 2900 words worth of quotes then 100 words of my own, have the distinct feeling this may not happen.
Friday- No lectures! :D In reality the picture to the right is the most studious I was all week.

The week from the party perspective:
Monday- There was the CF National Christmas party but I decided to be sensible and stay in to write my cinema essay. This is unusually unlike me normally I favour the 'stay up til 5am with lots of red bull and tea writing it the night before' approach. Hum maybe nearing 20 makes you more senisible... My housemate would disbute this after I called him numerous times while trying to find Forbidden
Planet then had to show an assisstant a text of what my brother wanted as I had no clue what it was or what it did!
Tuesday- UCL Conservatives Reception with Liam Fox. This was mental, upon arriving early to set up we found that the previous reception had not been cleared up. I went nuts. There were two people in the room when we already arrived and I assumed they were with the previous party and was really stand offish and rude to them, later turned out that it was standing for London South CF- Whoops! Appologised after my mistake. Liam Fox gave a very varied speech bits of it I agreed with others I didn't, actualyl walked out at one point so that should tell you something. There were then lashing of wine and then after drinks at Potion where I sat with Tim Barnes and Colin discussing how to divide up the London Unis and what UCL should take and what KCL should take. Michael Rock also launched his CF National Campaign, I know proudly have my 'Rock 4 CF' badge pinned to my backpack ^_^.

Wednesday- TRG Christmas Party at the East Indian Club. Was lovely to see all my TRG friends and to get re-introduced to Neil Carmichael PPC for Stroud, we swapped contact details and am now planning a CF Campaign day down in Stroud. After all this being civilised we withdrew up stairs where the party slightly went down hill after my friend Blair started pennying people. Needless to say I ended up having down a whole Gin and Tonic- not very classy and annoying as I was sat trying to read a copy of The Daiy Mail! Tim then found it hilarious me sat reading it so toke a picture. In the pictures above are Tim Barnes and Tim Crockford affectionally known as 'The Book ends' of the TRG Committee.
Drinks with Zac Goldsmith in Richmond. After tubing it to zone 4 with Colin, Patrick, Joel and Hannah and getting lost in Richmond and arriving late (Hannah and I kept window shopping and ended up getting dragged away by Patrick). We spent the evening drinking wine, talking with Zac Goldsmith and meeting other CFers before returning to Zone 1/2. My feet really hurt en route back and ended up with Patrick giving me a pigging back down Richmond high street- starting to think that being 20 may not make me boring and sensible after all! ^_^

Friday- Winter Drinks with Mark Coote PPC. After travelling back for 3 hours on a coach and numerous tube journeys all over London I arrived in Cheltenham then met up with fellow Gloucestershire CFers for drinks and discussions of local politics. We had a room booked and got to be bossy and kick people out of it :)
Saturday- 15 hours of work starting from 9am and finishing at about 1am. Despite being so l
ong was actually quite fun was working at Cheltenham Race Course and then at Chepstow races. I was working in Cheltenham with a Czech man so got to practise my Czech then at Chepstow with a Polish girl, was great managed to have a Czech-Polish hybred conversation about our boss and the other staff :P Also got to speed back over the Severn Bridge, past Bristol to Gloucester, great fun I love the M5!

To the left is my image of the week drinking Red Bull in a pretty dress relaxing on the Tube. How to travel in style!

Am now going to go sleep for about 24 hours to recover from this all but only after I've decorated the Christmas tree :)

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