Friday, 30 November 2007

Russia is more literate than England

I was shocked when I read this article earlier in The Daily Mail! Apparently in the world literacy league tables over the last five years England has plunged right down the table from 3rd to 19th! We are now less literate than Canada, Italy and even the USA! Scotland has also dropped from 14th to 26th. The only good side to this is that it has totally embarrassed any minister who claimed that all the extra money poured into education has helped or that the revised methods of teaching are successful. This survey has also hi lighted the fact that now even fewer children choose to read for pleasure and prefer to watch TV or play video games. For a Government that promised us 'Education, Education, Education' this is a crippling blow for the Conservatives this is yet another example of why New Labour doesn't work! To the left is a copy of the top 20 countries, it's small I know but it pixelates if enlarged.

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