Thursday, 29 November 2007

Manners cost nothing

I know that this is in fact the title of a 'Dizzy thinks' post but I thought it applied best to mine too, although mine isn't slagging off Mark Clarke but instead public transport.

I didn't have the best of days I will admit apart from being ill and sleep deprived, and attacked by a Lib Dem, I then had to use the District line at rush hour to get from Mile End to Victoria in order to return home. As I was returning home I had my laptop, hand bag and suitcase with me.

When I got on the carriage was empty so I sat near the door with all my stuff, but as we continued it steadily filled up until near bursting. I then got a little worried as to how I was going to get out and decided that I would just have to be as polite as possible but also fairly forceful. So as I was making my way out was say 'Excuse me, Excuse me please' or 'Thank you' when people moved. Except for when I got to this one lady who turned round and in a really harsh pointed voice said 'I am moving out of your way! Shut up!' and then glared at me as she got off the trains. I was stunned by this and had I not been in such a rush would have turned round and gone 'Manners cost nothing, I'm using mine. Maybe instead of buy that designer hand bag YOU should have bought some!'

I then arrived to take the coach and it was delayed for 40 minutes as the road works had delayed the previous coach and the driver had to obey his health and safety laws and take his 1 hour break. At this point I then semi disolved on the phone to my mum and my friend Chris who offered sympathy.

The Government urges us to use public transport but yet every time I do it's either a. Late, b. Broken in some way, c. become delayed while I'm on it or d. full of rude inconsiderate people who refuse to offer you a hand or offer you sympathy. I mean I'm not particularly big or strong and naively assumed that people would help me if they saw me struggling to carry 3 or 4 bags up the steps at a tube stop but NO! England is stearotyped as beign full of uber polite upper class people. Yet to damn well meet one of them on the tube!

If I had my way I'd drive round London because it avoids using public transport, the more Labour keep telling us to use public transport the more I fail to want to use! Maybe instead of travelling round in a chauffeured car Gordon Brown should be made to take the tube at rush hour then he'd change his tune. Funny how Labour are full of hypocrites! You must use public transport and get abused on the tube but I'll take my lovely brand new chauffeured car home.

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