Friday, 16 November 2007


As this is official my first post I feel that it is only right that I properly introduce myself! As you have probably gathered my name is Laura-Rose Saunders and I am currently a second year Student at University College London where I am studying Russian with Czech and Slovak. Very random I know but it makes me happy! :)

I am 19 years old but no one ever believes this, people seem to either think A. that I am in my mid to late twenties because I am 'mature' or B. that I am 12 (believe it or not I got IDed for the latest Harry Potter film a 12A).

One of my main interests is politics and in particular the Conservative party. I am currently the Deputy Area Chairman for Bristol and Gloucestershire CF and First Year Liaison Officer with UCL ConSoc. I find this hugely interesting especialy the campaigning aspect and can usely be found out and about in some area of the country leafletting or canvassing.

Another interest of mine is religion and in particular Christianity, when I am in Cheltenham, my home town, I attend Glenfall Fellowship and while in London The East London Tabernacle. Both are really fantastic places to go to as all the people are really welcoming and friendly.

Here's some more random background information on me:

Book: Either Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice or Master and Margarita
Film: Probably Bridget Jones' Diary 1 or Kolya
Tv show: American Dad or Chuberashka (Russian Kids Tv show)
Quote: "It is easier for a man to destroy the light inside himself, than it is to defeat the darkness all around him." From the Russian film Night Watch.
Music: Probably Fall Out Boy or The Fray
Colour: Pink, always has been always will be!
Pet: Cat, we have two in our house and mine is called Boris Nicholaiovitch ^_^
Flower: Roses
Food: Sushi or Chinese probably
Drink: Gin and Tonic everytime!
City: London!
Country to holiday in: Probably the Czech republic- had a fantastic holiday there this summer.
Place to hide/relax: Cornwall or anywhere near the sea. Have been going to Cornwall ever since I was very little and if I'm stressed or just want to escape then I run off there or to the Thames if I can't leave London.
Rugby Councillor: Stuart Davenport :P He suggested I put this while talking to him!

This is a very short list as all in all I am a fairly patient tolerant person, basically I don't like Arrogance, Incompetence and pervy older men- seriously if I'm young enough to be your daughter leave me alone!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post! Stay tuned for further posts! xXx


Colin Moore said...

What Laura failed to mention and I hope that it will be the subject of a specific post is that she has just entered Miss UCL 2007

Nick said...

Good luck with the blog Laura, already added you to my RSS feed.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm russian guy,and I want to ask you. Why did you chose to study so difficult language, I mean russian? :))

Laura-Rose said...

Hey Serge, Sorry it took so long to get back I only just found this post! I started to study Russian when I was 13, it was compulsory at my school but i loved it so much I wanted to continue studying it!