Monday, 19 November 2007

I'm on the front of Conservative Future!

I opened my emails earlier to discover a message from Nick Webb (Area Chairman of Bristol and Gloucestershire CF) He was informing me of the fact that he had written a post on the Conservative Future blog and had included pictures with me and other CF members in them! Was very exciting! Can now say that I am on the front page of Conservative Future! :)

The first is me networking with some of the other members in Gloucester Conservative Club the Second is me on a Social Action project again in Gloucester. Is lovely to see that the actions of Bristol and Gloucestershire CF are getting noticed. It's also great that as a CF branch we can openly say that we try to help others rather than just conforming of the stereotypical 'Tory Image' of being white, upper middle class alcoholics who spend their days spending Daddy's money and abusing the poor.

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