Saturday, 24 November 2007

Boris comes to Strand Poly

On Thursday my friend Colin was lucky enough to get Boris to come and talk to his Conservative Society about his policies, have a Question and Answer section then join us for a few glasses of wine afterwards.

Boris gave a brilliant speech about how exactly he plans to win the Mayoral election and explained some of his policies to us. Key issued raised were Transport, housing and the congestion charge. Transport- anyone who has to use this regularly will know exactly how crap this is in London! Dirty tube cars, abusive chavs and phantom buses which never run to time and honest to God do appear three at a time!

The last bus I got on the driver was rude because my friend flagged him down 'too late' I was shocked by this and luckily for him was speechless. Was very tempted to go back to him and say 'Oh I'm very sorry! I was under the impression that you were driving a bus, a form of PUBLIC transport and that thus you are providing a service to THE PUBLIC IE ME! If we flagged you down the perhaps you would care to step outside and show me the 'correct' way to flag down a London bus? No? You wouldn't then shut up and do your bloody job!' As I was so shocked it was restrained to shouting back loudly 'Well I'm sorry I thought you were providing me with a service so sorry to have inconvenienced your day!'

We also had a similar thing on the underground this week. I was with a few other members of the society discussing an aspect of our society. We alighted at Waterloo and had a man push past us saying 'You know the entire carriage didn't want to hear your conversation' My friend then ran after him and gave him a piece of his mind, I wanted to follow and join in and whack him one with my oyster card but was held back. Last time i checked it wasn't illegal to hold a conversation on the Northern Line plus we were all dressed in Lounge suits hardly compares to chavs in tracksuits swear at each other does it really?!?!

Boris said that he wanted to upgrade the underground and compared ours to the Moscow underground where they have a train leaving once every minute. This was then followed by a patriotic speech about England being the greatest country on Earth with a rich history and proud past and that our capital should reflect this!

After his speech and Q and A session there was just enough time to grab some more 'Back Boris' memorabilia, drink some of the lovely white wine and network before heading home on a dirty tube car full of those London Lites and MacDonald's boxes. If Boris keeps releasing more policies like this then London will be the better for it!

Back Boris for a Greater London!

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Colin Moore said...

Strand Poly...this would be the University that launched Boris' student campaign and has had by far the best events of any London University Conservative Society

and don't forget that it was this Poly, along with the Godless Insitution (or Gower Street poly - whichever you prefer!) that creamed UCL in the STRG pub quiz!