Saturday, 17 November 2007

Almost Miss UCL 2007

Tonight in short was manic! My friend Colin found a website link to the 'Miss UCL 2007 Beauty Pageant' complete with application form! As a joke he suggested that I should enter, also as I joke I agreed saying 'If you can get 5 people to publicly support me by writing on my wall on Facebook then yes I will stand.' Sadly for me he didn't just find 5 he found about 15. By the time the 12th person had written on my wall I decided that resistance was in fact futile and gave in.

After filling in half the application form online I came to the 'Insert photo here' section. Mild panic ensued as I tried to find a photo of myself: A. looking sober B. without a guy standing next to me C. without a drink in my hand- despite appearances I do not spend every second of my life drinking gin! And D. looking vaguely attractive so that I would stand even half a chance against the other candidates, who I could only presume would be Kate Moss/Lily Cole lookalikes.

Having scanned the entirety of Facebook and finding exactly ZERO photos that fitted the above description it was time to take some new ones. I was then bullied into my black formal dress and attempted to look pretty while Graham, one of my lovely housemates, toke a few pictures with his camera, we then edited the backgrounds to try and make our house look more exotic than it in fact is.

Here is a copy of one of the mentioned photos:

In the mean time more people had learned of my 'plan' to become Miss UCL 2007 and had posted more things on my wall. Graham added the pictures to Facebook and then I decided that I should really just get this all over with and submit the entrance form. After sending the link to Barfield and Adam, Two of my lovely friends from UCL Conservatives, asking them for help in the 'describe yourself in three words' section the suggestions being 'White, Middle class, Conservative' and 'Laura, Rose, Saunders'. Adam then pointed out the small bit on the form that said- 'deadline November 11th' I was gutted! I actually was as much as I protested the idea of being Miss UCL had somehow acquired a certain charm to it.

In conclusion this was yet another example of me proving that I am in fact a 19 year old version of Bridget Jones, that you should ALWAYS read the entirety of a form before doing anything about it or telling anybody your plans for it and that there are in fact people out there who would actually vote for me if I was in a beauty pageant! As events in my life go this was probably the most random but oddly the most fun!


Anonymous said...

by the way, it wasnt about fillin in the form. it was about coming to the casting and auditions which were held way after and no form was needed to be completed for that. X

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